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It's Getting A Little Dark Out There

Still from Bright Star (2019) dir. Jane Campion

My lady with the soft raven hair and whose lips I dream of every summer day
The unfathomable love we share
And how our time has quickly fallen away

The distance, I can never bear

Every word whispered
The gentle touch, the caress of my cheeks
Your hands, the way we subtly part
And now the miles have taken us apart

My love, my love
I have never felt so complete and then incomplete

Wait for me
Count the remaining days for me
Of when we will soon again meet

I greet the letters you send me with a kiss
Each verse carefully muttered by my dainty lips

My dearest sweet, you are my lovely bliss
Our love, I believe, still glistening so brightly

I have long let go of silly courtships
From men who think of love so slightly

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