please deliver these roses to the death tarot

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The Floral Punk

Fear the reaper!

That’s what they say.

Yet truth be told,

To him I’d rather pray.

Guiding the river styx!

So hollow, yet so kind.

The man that lends a bony hand

To which I take in mine.

Turning over a card!

Making things anew.

Nay, feeling frightened of change

Truly would be askew.

Run, run away!

All around would cry.

Yet here I feel reborn,

A seedling young and spry.

In the river banks!

Planted back on my feet.

T’which I move to his exposed jaw,

That’s where my kiss will meet.

You have changed me!

My hearts deepest desire.

For now I land, upon the sand,

Away from muck and mire.

A place where I can love!

A place where I can soar.

Where I will be,

forever me,

Your fleur de la mort.

—An excerpt from a work in progress novella of poetry titled “Fleur de La…

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