“Never talk to a stranger”

Never talk to a stranger

The last tavern on the Austin, Texas street “fifth street”.  Low music and people seeking conversation. Pretty lady sat with me and she ordered a double shot of Jim Beam and a cold tap beer. I saw her painted face hiding bruises and her lower lip scarred. I told the bartender. I will buy this lady her drinks, if she likes. She turned to me and she looked me over from foot to face. She told me. “I’m bad company stranger, I had a bad day and a real bad night. Tonight I need to hide in the whiskey and wish for a new life.”  I smiled and I told her. Life is fair my new friend. My name is Johnnie and I know karma is a deadly payback. Losers and abusers will pay the undertaker of debt one day..

She laughed at my words and she reached out her hand and she told me. “My name is Jennifer and I guess we are not strangers no-more. You can buy me this drink and maybe another? I do need a kind voice and someone to listen to me. I reached a dead-end. I can’t go home and be safe. I have no place to go. Only back to my personal hell.” The stranger smiled and he told her. The taverns are where we can confess our pain and sin. Men who abuse women need to receive equal payment. She laughed at my words and she told me. ” I wish life was fair. Cold hearten men who just know abuse and hate. Woman, like me are at fault. We knew the man we gave everything to was filled with hate and abused us when dating. We deserve our ending.”

Johnnie ordered another double shot of whiskey and a fresh cold beer. He watched her eyes. He saw abuse all his life. He saw she was reached her end. She went to the tavern bathroom. He looked in her purse and he found a loaded 22 pistol and note. A suicide note. The note stated. “I’m tire and I can’t do this no-more. Death will be sweeter than life with you Robert. I’m sorry” He found her license and memorized her address. She returned and she saw the change in my face. She asked me. “Are you okay Johnnie? Did I do something wrong?” He reached over to her and he hugged her. He whispered. Jennifer, you will be okay. I promise. They talks for two hours. She was going to be a teacher and once had a strong family. Her husband wouldn’t allow the family near. She was lock-up and alone. Johnnie told her. I have a quick mission and I will return in less than a hour. Can you wait? Jennifer smiled and she told him okay.

Johnnie went outside and the anger was alive and well. He hated men who abuse and harmed woman. He went to her house. A 10 minute drive. A apartment complex. He went to apartment 15 and he saw the door was not fully closed. He open and he closed the door. A man yelled. “Where you been bitch? I’m going to beat your ass till you cannot move. You trying to escape me you dirty bitch.” The man faced Johnnie. Johnnie kick in his knees first, than a fist into throat. Robert fell to the ground. He stomped both hands and knees. Johnnie went to the floor and he whispered into his fearful face. The Devil dances at the midnight hour. The devil get his due on earth and in hell. Today I won’t kill you. If you harm Jennifer again. I will do the devil dance on your lonely grave. Johnnie rose-up and tossed the house phone to Robert. He left him crying and swimming in his own blood coming slowly out of his throat.

Jennifer was happy when Johnnie returned. She smiled and she told him. I decided to call my parent. They told me to come home tonight. My brother is coming to pick me up now and I must thank you for giving me the confident. Johnnie smiled and he told her. This is very good and he took her purse. He took out the gun and the note. He empties out the shells and he put the gun in his pocket and the tore-up the note. Jennifer gave him a sad smile and she told him. I thought death was sweeter than life. When did you know? He embraced her and he whispered. Robert won’t try to stop you. Sometime when a stranger comes. We need their words and their help. Go home and pack. He gave her a envelope with some money and put the money in her hands. Just a gift from a new friend.

Jennifer kissed Johnnie face and his hands. She left him with a kind reward of a forgotten smile. She went home and she found Robert on the floor bleeding. Broken legs and hands make using the phone impossible. She called the police and she went to Robert. She went to her knees and he whispered. “”The devil dances at midnight. Please forgive me Jennifer.” The police came and she told them she was drinking at the Tavern till 2 am. Her brother came and she told him the story of this kind man. The brother’s eyes became fearful. “I told you often, never talk to strangers. You are protected by ancient spirit. Our Apache heritage is strong and I believe I prayed for the stranger to teach you. No-one will harm you.”


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