Amazing poetry by a talented writer.,


We find ourselves
hidden in traces of poetry
In the sentences that break into
rhyme schemes—
alphabets, letters, similes, antonyms, and the like
assembling an array of emotions
which we often conceal otherwise

We find ourselves
in storybooks, songs, letters
which we secretly write to a lover
dreaming of an astral paradise;
As we float beyond space and terrain
claiming affections we boldy accept beyond reasons

We find ourselves
amidst changing seasons
As we warm ourselves from the winters of a severe unforgiving cold;
In blankets that are wrapped and rolled
To cushion our bones,
for them not to crumble or fall

We find ourselves
in accepting discomforts that lie
letting go of fetters which are shackled in chains;
lamenting over suffers that exist in reality and pain
That slide, pour, slither
As we recuperate from the delgue of even the harshest monsoon rain

We find ourselves enclosed in covers;

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