beach blessings

Beautiful words for the sea.

treadin' on high

How do you count your daily blessings?

No matter what each of us are going through (how many can say their life is without a ‘going through’ of some kind?), we need not look very far to find a blessing. It may not be in a bank account or a building.

God’s gifts come in so very many forms.

Today it might be a new blossom on the windowsill or an unusual bird visiting in the back yard. Tomorrow it might be a FaceTime call with a tried and true childhood friend.

God shows up in many ways. To know this, give thanks and count these blessings is to live a richer life. Regardless of what’s in our wallets.

I feel like a kid when I’m near the surf, along the shoreline. The ocean is full of beautiful treasures and not just gold bars and coins. So today I’m sharing…

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