Atlantis Icy Age. Mountain High. Highly Young.

Wonderful photos and words shared.

Our World Legends.

Featured Image At That End Of The Last. Ice Age So. Atlantis So Sank. Synching In Times, Places Ways. Means This, Mountains So Raised Those. Himalayas. Thems Alps Well As. As Well New Lands. So Arose Herein. As That Bitterly Cold. Ends.


High Mountains in Our World. Legends

Told arounds. Abouts range from Short too. To

those of Tall. Tales such so

raising Lengthwise. Much with giant

measurings then. Many so forth. Forthrightly

ShortListings A Towering Top

10 Imaged. Below

Thus.?. Ins Our World Legends

measured out, ups well as. As well


10… ARE ALL.?. So basically Ins.?.

those so nomened. The


Featured Topic Image List


ALL.?. Our Tall, Highest. Mounts

High Five + next High Five are

ALLS too. To.?.

be so Young.?. So

Recently defrosted, developed. Developing

(Music Link)


As The Ice Aged. Ended Icy

Sheets, Floes. Flowed

backs arounds, abouts. Means

Ways so led. Continents

reclaimed, regained…

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