I want to fall in love again

     I want to fall in love again
I sat with a dear muse by Lake Gichigana.
The blessed sun caressed our faces and
the new day was coming alive for us.
I asked her,
if you could do anything,
what would you do dear Nicole?
She smiled and she took my hands.
She whispered words of poetry for me.
“I want someone to adore me,
someone to gaze upon me, like I am the only one.
I want to share ambrosia wine and for us,
to dance for Lake Gichigana when the moon is bright.
I want to fall in love again,
I want lingering kisses and for us,
to interlace fingers and dreams forever and a day.
I want to be drunk in love,
to know the feeling of a hurricane of emotions,
where my wintry heart is never cold or alone.
I want to fall in love dear poet.”
I brought her closer and I whispered,
I want to fall in love again too dear Nicole.
                   Dancing Coyote