“The circle dance”

 The circle dance
I have danced often the circle dance at Native Americans Pow Wows. The circle dance had many meanings.
“The leader called to the people, the Ojibwa children begin the circle dance first. He asked the people to join the circle dance. He told them, we are ” One people and one earth. We come from earth and we shall return to earth.” The sage is burning and the drums are beating.
Everyone at the gathering join the circle dance, following the children. The Chief told us. “We share the same water, we share the same wind. We share the same moon, we share the same sun and the same clouds are above us. All life matters. The smallest creature to the largest. We must be kind to.”
The Chief spread the sage to four corners of the circle. He told us, “the sage will bless-us and heal our pain. The sage is a healer, gifts from the trees, the smoke will allow us to know. Life is everything. The trees, the  water, the sky and the earth. We must protect them. Today we gather. Black, white, brown and yellow people. We must for pray for peace, pray for you, pray for me, pray for all people. We can be kind to each other.”
The drums are beating still and the sage is done. The Chief told us, “Look around you, greet the people near. Embrace each other and maybe we can create a storm of kindness, concern and love. This earth is a village, need everyone in the village to work as one.
The many people embraced each other and they introduced each other. The circle dance, a place to befriend strangers and show. We are not alone.”
                             Dancing Coyote