Alison Sudol song and some words.


On paper, with good pen and good song.
I remember silky voice, pale skin and the most beautiful face I ever seen.
We prayed and we starved for love in the Spring of my life.
Now the Winter of my life is here and I whispered to the night.
We were almost lovers.
“Let’s us drink and sport today. Ours is not to-morrow. Love with youth flies swift away, Age is naught but sorrow,
Dance and sing, time’s on the wing. Life never knows the return of Spring.—-John Gay 1685-1732″
I was a madman or a saint?
In my youth I digest like with a unforgiving hunger.
Wanted everything and I held on to nothing.
I learn men who took a silent stand against war and hate,
believed in little.
Just ghost upon the kind earth.
I whispered to Lake St. Clair,
maybe time for the Gypsy man to  do some good.
Maybe I will burn some sage and pray for my world to heal.
Scribble some words for peace and salvation for my world.
                             Dancing Coyote