Ozzy,Lita Ford and some words.

   Close my eyes
My rock and roll lady,
we were rage, hate and anger,
we were going to be great storms,
we had youth as our wealth and we loved the night.
Once we were the brave ones,
we escape to California.
We danced with the sea,
drank the tequila dried and we had enough.
We forgot to obey the call to love,
we forgot the dreams of youth,
we fell into the shit of living.
Now mistress night bring your face to me,
now deadly midnight hour,
make dead man living,
wish and pray for you my rock and roll lady.
We had the songs, we had the California dream.
Now sleeping man is awaken again.
He hear the cry of the sea,
he hear the words in the song.
Now the dark Poet sit alone,
the tequila half gone in his hands and he whispered to the Pacific.
I loved a woman once and she loved me so.
So damn sad,
we can have everything and
everything wasn’t enough.
                                  Dancing Coyote