“I adore you”

I adore you


Perfect beauty resting in my arms and I whispered a quiet prayer.
“I love your face,
I love hearing your sweet and gentle voice,
I love  when you laugh and when you cry.
You are a blessing to a man who needed kindness and love.
You are turbulent water and dangerous sea.
Dear Paloma.
You are my morning star and the shining moon on a clear night.
I shall love you forever and a day.”

Beautiful Paloma turned to me and she whispered.
“Dear Poet.
You are my life giving blood.
You have saved me and I’m blessed to be able to look into your hazel eyes.
You taught me,
love is life and life is love.
I was going to live a exiled life and give-up.
You wouldn’t allow me to die,
you made me understand, we must endure pain to know sweetness.
We must know lost to know victory.
I’m the Poet’s love and thankful.”

Old poet hold his dear love closer and he whispered.
We must discard the past and celebrate the good days and nights.
Dear Paloma, you are my light and joy in the darkness of this world.

John Castellenas/Coyote