Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

English Club : NITH

Niti Kaur (IIITU18117)

Kissed by the Pearls of rain
I bask in the heat and radiance of Sun
The variant spectrum encompassed by me
Fused with the dripping water diamonds
Just completes my beauty and redolence

Alas! My soft smooth crimson skin touched
And plucked
I was fragile
Now I am to fall to the ground
Or maybe I wonder some other journey
I travel ….

Now I am to serve the dead soldiers
Or maybe articulate the love
Between the two still left to be one
Or maybe I will again
Reunite with water
Not as droplets but in a vessel…

The eternal beauty of bloom
Couldn’t be cherished because its gone
too soon
I am now weak and my colours will fade
But I won’t fall…
I won’t fall to the earth whence I was made.

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