Siren song

A wonderful poem by a talented writer.


When Iā€™m overwhelmed and worn down by pointlessness of things,

I really need to see the vastness of the sea,

and hear the waves come and go like a heartbeat lulling my senses into peace.

I love the way the it smells of salt and freedom

and the way it changes colors with my moods,

also that gulls fly overhead like paper planes.

I will never tire of waking up early to go exploring tide pools,

to watch pink sea stars rock to and fro

in the lapping waters whispering with green anemones,

or to indulge in the thrill of finding

a perfectly imperfect seashell,

or a sand dollar I can buy nothing with.


I want to be near the sea,

dig my feet in the sand and sleep in the waves,

feel like a feather that flew down from those paper planes

that keep circling like prayer beads,

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