Lake Huron song

The Lake Huron song
Closed wounds can bleed again, no healing for true love lost.
You and I, we were Summer wine and Lake Huron late night swim.
You were the prettiest girl I had ever seen,
we didn’t know,
youth and wine,
just passing of time,
just dear photos upon the heart.
I wandered back to Lexington,
walked barefoot in the cold water of the Lake Huron.
I remembered your last words to me in the Summer of 1976.
I am your Agnes and you are my Hemingway.
And we danced by the Michigan moon,
our feet moving in the Lake Huron water,
drinking whiskey and so damn brave.
43 years later, I learn.
The Hemingway sadness,
we can’t hold the wind and every sweet kiss of love,
we shall miss.
Old wounds, maybe just lessons for us.
Make us know,
can’t return from where you left.
My Lake Huron song,
written for you my dear Agnes.
You have forgotten me and I remember you still.
                          Dancing Coyote