Hidden Parts

Amazing writing by a talented writer.


A stranger in these parts,

A walk so graceless and unkind

Alertly reverting back to the familiar, just a moment to unwind

She knows in her heart, these parts are the darkest kind

The road smells of pain, with cold-like breeze blowing her back unavoidably

sensing the void, as though peace had left indefinitely

It is best to look down, so no one spots the sobbing

Lest they see through her, see how she is now left with empty

Masked tears fill up, with ocean-like waves cascading,

So unrestrained,

Recognizing swiftly how indefensibly she now behaves

In these parts,

All beat up and dry, no more faith-like remarks

Hearing tales told with broken rhymes,

Even to Her they sound just like lies

Echoes heard from corner paths, sounds of footsteps behind her rise

Still she demands silence instead, for at least then judgment is mild

In these hidden parts,


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