Big Sur meditation

 Big Sur meditation
Who are we, my friend?
Is our life half empty or half filled?
I have seen people who gave-up and gave-in into the  struggle of life.
Lifeless eyes, waiting for a reason to live. Something to show them,
life isn’t done yet.
I believe life should be simple. Remember the five senses. Taste, touch, see, hear and smell.
We need to savior the taste of food, we need to know the human touch, the simple caress can make us feel human. We must open our eyes and see the beauty of our world. To see our children grow, to allow our eyes to see the sea, the lakes and the great forest.
We must listen to each other, we must listen to our children laughter and listen to the whisper of the wind. We must listen to the song of the sea. If we slow down and listen, life can be a wondrous  journey.
We must roam the fields and the forest. Smell the wildflowers and breath in the clean air of a free forest. Early morning smell of fresh coffee, the smell of food cooking and the perfume, on the skin of someone you  love, should be daily blessings.
Is your life half empty or half filled?
Taste, touch, see, hear and smell.  Basic skilled to enhance our life.
Oldest and greatest wisdom I was taught. We make our bed, you decide who you are. You decide what you need, you make the decisions. To give-in or fight?
Live my friend, eat life like a starving man. Always better to laugh than to cry.