My California

My California


Do you remember me?
I do remember you.
I am jealous of the sun,
the lucky sun falls into the California sea.
I remember when I suicided boarded the Pacific.
I loved the Winter storms,
me and my suicide board.
We danced with the sea.
You stole my heart in 1991,
I wanted to die and dear California.
You saved me.
Dear Alisa Fineman held my hand once at Big Sur,
she told me. Johnnie, you will be fine. Find some good reasons to be alive.
I loved Santa Cruz, I sang with the street musicians and danced with the free people.
I roamed San Francisco and I remember watching the powerful sea at the Fisherman Wharf.


I dream of Monterey, I dream of Pacific Grove. I want to walk on the blessed Big Sur sand one more time. Now, old poet sing songs of a place where the sun come to rest, where the sea dances for the wise people. Once the dark poet sang poetry to the Monterey writers and now.

He had his pen and paper, memories and he looked at the sun falling into the west. He told the sun, my last ride will be, I will follow the sun to the Pacific and I will know peace forever.

Dancing Coyote