Reblog: Extended Reflections – Compassion — from Suzette B’s Blog

Wonderful words and thoughts shared.


Saw this via fellow blogger Suzette B’s recent post: Extended Reflections – Compassion.

It’s such a beautiful montage of quotes and images; words which sum up what we strive for when we’re operating from a place of “true calling” or spirit. So thought I would share.

(How much love today, can we dare? What if we assume that everyone struggles as much as we ourselves do, or perhaps even more? What if we assume good intent? What if we leave fear behind and let love shine? How will the world be then?)

Enjoy, fellow lovers of words. And live… and let love. ❤️  With many thanks to the lovely-hearted Suzette Benjamin (who blogs about “Inspiration and Spirituality”).… and to all of you, including Suzette, who have been so kind to me, by supporting this whimsical blog, in the form of likes and/or comments.

I truly appreciate every one of…

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