One of the great songs and some words.

Dear Angela


Dear Angela. Don’t cry for yesterday my pretty lady.
Yesterday is gone and today we have tonight.


All of us are dirty with sin.
Few of us are clean and the most of us are just seeking a safe and peaceful place to rest.


My lady of the sea.
I loved when you tossed off your shoes and danced barefooted with the ocean.
You were my muse of the Pacific sea and I saw a perfect angel,
not a broken woman in heart and in spirit.


Sweet Angela, the night is long and there is no cost to dance by the open sea.
Tonight we shall dance and drink the good drink and
pray to the night moon for better days.


I love you my Angela.
My Gypsy love forget the terror of bad memory and create
new place where love was alive and we seize the joy and the happiness of a better tomorrow.


Dear Angela. Let’s cherish the night and allow the sorrow of yesterday to evaporate to distant place. I’m here and you are with me my love. Tonight love is alive and sweet. Tomorrow we find love kindling and if we are lucky. Your weeping will turn to sweet song.


John Castellenas/Coyote