A surreal movie

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

paintings and adventures

I went to see a surreal movie
And while the main character
Kept falling asleep,
While the main character
Kept dreaming,
I fell asleep myself
In my velvet chair
Standing still in the darkness.
I remembered the most beautiful dog in the world
Standing still while having his hair combed,
I remembered a stray dog
Standing still in sunshine
Breathing next to his shadow,
I remembered a bird
Standing still on a windy day
At an unknown height in the sky.
I told myself once again
That the hardest thing
Is to live in present
In the momentary silence
Of your truth
Of your wind
Of your dreams.
I told all these
To the mermaid in my dream
The split woman
Half past, half future
To the half split sun
To the darkness
To the brighteness.
And then I woke up
And went on watching the surreal movie
In which…

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