Choose the road, you love


   Choose what you love
Enjoy your life,
life wait for no-one.
Create pretty photos for the heart.
Dance with your beloved,
show the children the beauty of the sea and the forest.
Be the kind voice,
be the one,
where the family and friends can come to,
feel safe.
Choose what you love,
love what you do.
Better to live for love then to die for things we didn’t need.
I pray in 2020, we learn.
Every child is a light of hope.
We learn,
no-one win in war, except contractors.
Our children, our true wealth.
I pray we stand against hunger, against hate and racism.
I pray our governments,
send food, water and medicine to places in need.
Please choose the road you love.
Make every new day, a blessing.
                   Dancing Coyote