I wanna fall in love.

I wanna fall in love


Once, I was seeking the Hemingway life. Running toward war and away from love and life. Somehow I found the J.D Salinger silence. Once, bold and foolish man. Now he sit by the sea wishing for last dance, more laughter and the sweetness of love words.
Creeping silence, creeping loneliness and creeping wishes invade my quiet mind. I wonder? Can once man, who loved the great storms, can the man, who loved love. Is he gone?

Hemingway’s life led this great man to suicide in 1961 and I wonder what did he yearn for before he ended his life? Did Hemingway remember the pretty eyes women with perfect curves? Did he remember his beloved sea? Did he remember dancing the tango with a pretty Spanish girl? I pray the dreams of war didn’t drive Papa Hemingway to the taste of the gun.

I’m beginning to learn the J.D Salinger wish. To be left alone and to write for myself only. I feel my words are meaningless to people. I don’t know. Old age, old disappointment and feeling I can’t do anything to change my world.
I have met angels and I have met devils. Both broke my heart. Today I write a poem, a wish.
I wanna fall in love again

Love me right, love me wrong.
I have loved many things in my long life.
I have loved the sea.
She was my perfect storm.
I could touch her, dance with her.
I could not hold her forever.
I have loved love.
Oh, those beautiful and tempting eyes.
The gentle curves of a woman body.
Wonderous trips of hands and sweet kiss,
discovering secret places and perfect knowledge of emotions.
I remember the whiskey kisses and
two people falling deeper and deeper into the freedom of wild
and untamed love.
I know the sea will always befriend me and love did not.
The movement of love, hills and valleys.
Perfect places that can turn to hellish place.
I wanna to fall in love.
I want to dance with the Pacific and
I want a kind woman to whisper love words under the midnight sky.
I want to feel again.
Today, I’m on the crossroad of life. Come alive or forget?