My Bonnie girl

My Bonnie gal

I am going to Aberdeen, to be near the sea. I am waiting for a miracle, my Scotland blessing.


I have loved the ginger-hair girl, eyes of hazel green, pale skin of the long Winter and I wanted to fall into the mercy of her words.


In a sweet dream, he asked her twice. Can I steal a kiss? He told her. She was a mystery and a miracle to his eyes.


She told him, soldiers think love is like minutes and hours in war. Must do or die. Love is not war. Kisses must be earned. Us Bonnie girls know the devil when he whispered the sweet words of love. Just soldier’s trickery.


He whispered, my ravishing beauty, we need the Bacchus wine, the sea and time for us to sing and dance. My payment would be, one sweet kiss. I would ask for nothing else, my lovely girl.


She smiled and she laughed. She told him, Ah dear soldier. You talk like Hemingway in riddles and nursery rhymes. Make the sweet kiss, simple and easy. Us girls, born by the sea, we know the damn Poets will try to steal your heart, then leave you be. The Bacchus wine will make me believe, you are real and true. Are you dear Soldier?


The soldier looked at the sea, the rising moon and he told her. My ginger hair beauty, eyes of hazel green. You are right. I could be a thief in the night, a thief of the heart. But, please sit with me. I want to look into those eyes and forget everything but the vision of you. In your eyes, I forget who I am, who I was. I see beauty, a miracle and the days of peace.


The pretty Bonnie girl took his hands, she kissed each one. She reached over and she gave him a sweet kiss. She whispered, rest my tire and dear soldier. She held his hands and they watched the sea on a late Winter night.


Been a year. Soldier went to war and he couldn’t forget his Bonnie girl beautiful face and her words. She told him, please don’t die and please return to me. I will be waiting for you by the sea. He saw her in the distance and she ran to him. He embraced her tightly and he asked her. Can I steal a kiss my Bonnie girl? She kissed him once, she kissed him twice. She whispered, please no-more war. My heart cannot know the fear of you dying alone. I love you so. You kept your promise and I will keep my promise dear Soldier.


Dancing Coyote