My Winter love.

My Winter love

Pretty German girl whispered to me sweet and tender words at the German tavern. Dear Johnnie, only wine become better with time and people who dance on nails and lies. Just learn to accept the pain and the bleeding words of the wishes of sweet kiss and the midnight slow dances never attempted. Better to know the fire of love, better to allowed soft fingers upon wanting skin and the great need to be held and love awaken.  Sleeping men learn too late. Love is life and life is love.

She wrapped her legs around me and she drowned me in a hundred sweet red wine kisses. I told her. It is late September and I feel the coldness of the Fall. You are more beautiful than the free mountains and as wild as a Dandelion fields. I know you will break my heart. You are the wild sea, angry and dangerous. If we tangle our two lives. Our love will burn like the Summer sun and your song of love will haunt me till my death.

Beautiful Daniela caressed my face with tender hands and she whispered.  We are damn if we do and we are damn if we don’t. Life is to celebrate, for us to weep and for us to be brave. Winter is coming and I need you Johnnie to keep me warm and safe in the cold days of Winter. We can play love martyr and create canvases of two people. Paintings for us to hold tightly to, when life become ghosts and tales.

I brought her closer and I whispered. You are my Winter love and I pray. Love become a forever storm for us where we won’t forget promises made and the sweet words of love.

She smiled and she whispered. Let us fall into the reverend of love. Love is like the sea. So beautiful, so powerful and cannot be controlled. Mistress love is a powerful medicine and you and I. Will test the gods of love and maybe we can be blessed with some utopia in love’s embrace.

Johnnie kissed his love and  he whispered to her. The Gods always win.
John Castellenas/Coyote