My Christmas prayer.

My Christmas prayer

Thank you Lord of life and death. I had a safe and wonderful year. My children are near and grandchildren laughter overtake my home often. I have good heath and the family is healthy. I’m very thankful.

I need nothing lord. My prayers are not for me. My prayers are for my friends at work. Please heal them. Take their pain away. Please send the blessings of healing to them. Give them many years to dance and sing with their grandchildren. Please heal the mother who lost her daughter to murder. Please heal the cancer in my dear friends Corky. My wish is for her, to be okay. Please lord. Send the gift of healing to the people in  need.

Please lord of life and death. Please teach the words of Jesus to the world leaders. Forgiveness, concern and kindness. Please stop the wars. Please help the people in the way of the war machine. Please Lord. Send the gentle touch of needed love, concern, food and shelter to the needy.

Please Lord. Keep the our soldiers safe.  Please stop the war. Let’s us learn. Every child had value. Every person had value. Please send wisdom to the leaders of our world. Too much blood had been spilled for the sound of hate. Today we need to hear and share the song of peace.

Please Lord. I’m okay and please send your Angels to heal the pain of the cancer and deep wounds.