My sea love

My sea love
Once we were brave. We kissed, we took off our clothing and we left the lights on. I remember you told me. “I am tire of the darkness, I am tire of whispered words hidden by the darkness. You and I. Once strangers and I want to see your face, your eyes and see the truth in your eyes. I want someone to see my scars, my secret places and to know my sadness, my joy.”
You were as wild as the sea, as angry as the Pacific Winter storms and you were lost on the confusion of the right or wrong of living. You taught me how to suicide board the sea and I showed you the secret waterfalls hidden in the California fault line. I remember you laid bare for me at Big Sur and I read my poetry to you. I remember your hazel eyes, searching my eyes for the greed to use and abuse your flesh. I told you. You are so beautiful my wildflower, you are a blessing for my eyes and I love your song. I want to hear you sing, I want to know your dreams, I want to see you smile, I want you to dance with the Pacific and I need to hear your laughter. “
Once we would talks into the midnight hours. We would watch the sun fall into the sea and we would watch the moon rise and fall. We had time and we allowed two people to find peace and salvation in our messy world. I would massage your body slow and easy with the songs of Leonard Cohen playing softly, taking us to places of silence, needed quiet. You held me tightly, never releasing me till I had to go. We were lovers, we appreciated the kiss, the wild dance and the long embrace. We didn’t steal from each other, we allowed love to steal our hearts.
You were a California Gypsy gal and I was a soldier. You saved my from my sadness and I tried to save you. I left you in the Summer of 1993. We knew, love depart, rarely can be found again. We never said goodbye, you wouldn’t allow me to say goodbye. I remember the sadness in your beautiful eyes and you told me. “Thank you Johnnie for making me learn. Love is sweet, love is two hours massages, love listened and love cared for us. I will remember my laughing Poet who danced with me every Friday and Saturday near the Monterey bay. Make me forget the misery of the past and you taught me. I am worthwhile and someone. I will love you forever and you will be my sea love and my sweetest days.”
I sit near the Monterey bay in the Spring of 2018 and I listen to the seals and sea lions singing to the stars. I see the ghost of us  on the empty beach as the moving waves are dancing for me. I told the stars and the moon. Please tell my sea love. I pray she is near the sea and please tell her. I remember her.
                             Dancing Coyote