My Ojibwa prayer.

My Ojibwa peace prayer



“I burned the white sage by Lake St. Clair,

I asked the lake, the sky, the earth and the green.

Please heal my world,

please send the caress of calm to world,

please help the people who are struggling.

Please stop the bombing of Syria, Yemen and the Palestine.

Is a acre of land, worth a hundred dead bodies?

Please spirit of life and death.

Teach our leaders,

every life had value,

water, earth, sky and the trees are gifts for us from nature,

please teach our leaders,

room for everyone,

room for every living creature.

Today we accepting war as norm.

Men been fighting since the beginning of time,

how many must die for us to  learn.

No-one wins in war.

Please teach our leaders,

Illegal immigrant is a hateful words.

All of us are immigrants.

We are upon the earth for a second.

I am burning sage for the sake of peace, love and kindness.

Please pray with me

                      Dancing Coyote