The city of lights or anywhere.


 The city of lights or anywhere.
We sat drinking the American whiskey in a Paris tavern where Dear Hemingway drank his whiskey. I love Paris. Kind Paris hide the secrets well. Lover’s danced on the street and kissed by the flowing river. No-one will tell where lovers met in secret places in the city of love.
I told you. You are more beautiful than 20 year ago when we fell in a bed of kiss and chaos. You were someone else love and I was just stealing kisses and the long embrace.
We spend three days in a dark hotel room. Drank the vodka and juice and we pretend we were ancient lovers from happy story book endings. We left the room at midnight for a walk and I held you close by the river and I watched your eyes. Survey the Paris, the city of lights.
You found me yesterday and you told me. My love went sour and I am so damn alone. I am scare and I fear I shall die alone. I told you. The city of lights or anywhere I shall meet you. You are not alone. You and I, had went around and around till we had learn. Love is warm, love can be cold. I will meet you in the city of love, the city of lights.
Pretty Sophia raised her eyes and she whispered. You are my kindest friend. You came to me, to save me from self-pity and loneliness. Why dear Johnnie? I took from you and I ran.
I took her hand and I whispered to her. We are in Paris. We shall drink till 5 pm and roam the city till 12 pm. We will dance in the streets to the street musicians and I will kiss you a hundred times.  This is Paris, where love pain is forgotten and we create new stories.  We will stay bare in the hotel room till 12 noon and I won’t allow you to leave me this time my dear love.
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Pretty woman smiled and she took the hand of a gentleman. They rose from the table and they fell into the city of lights, Paris, the city of love.