Once fearless man loved the Pacific, once brave man loved the hippy girls who sang and drank all night long. Once free man, don’t like his cage, no-more.
He remember the California sun falling into the sea and his Monterey girl, who whispered. “Laid with me, bare-ass and nothing to hide. You can serenaded me with love words and I will danced for you and for the moon.”
Old Poet wrote to paper, dear Poetessa, you told me the truth. Life wait for no-one, the sweetest days, knowing the taste of danger and being in the embrace of nature.
Once brave man loved the sea, the free road and pretty ladies who didn’t want to own everything. If I found you in Monterey on a warm Summer day. I would tell you.
You were right. The things we we own, they own us. The sea is free, the sky is free and the mountains/forest are our to see and love. My free-spirit girl, my sweetest dream. I will return to California one day. Taste freedom once more time.
                                         Dancing Coyote