The “Medicine wheel”


Wisdom of the Medicine wheel


I have been  lucky.  Many kind Native Americans took me under their wing and taught me how to find peace.

At the Mall I went to the so-call Native American store. A Middle Eastern man tried to sell me a Chinese made items.  I touched a Medicine Wheel.

I told him:  “A proper Medicine Wheel has the power of the four winds.”


I touched a  Dream Catcher.” A real one would protect your spirit and keep the bad dreams away.”

He grinned at me. He didn’t understand a word that I have spoken. He told me. “It does the same things.” I left the store with nothing.

I sat with my Apache Friend and his family outside the gate of Fort Hood, Texas. I sat and listened to him.  His skin hardened by the Texas sun. I came and sat with him every Saturday for many months.

He had a story for every item he sold. I brought him food and water.  His stories were passed on to him by family and elders.

He gave me a Medicine Wheel. He rose up and made a circle with his hands. He told me.  “All people are part of the circle of life.  We all have a purpose, he had sadness in his voice. We Apache and Native Americans were responsible to protect Nature. We did a poor job.”

“The white people were responsible for the fire. They shared their gift and now fire is held in every corner of the planet. His eyes looked at the ground, then he raised his eyes and looked to the sky. The fire was taught Atomic and nuclear power too well.”

“The black people held the strength, wisdom and honour. The wisdom of the black people lost direction. We need their strength before we kill off all that is good.”

“The yellow people have courage, leadership and clarity. The gentle and calm souls will be necessary for this world to seek peace.”

“The medicine wheel is a compass to all life. We must know all four directions.”

At a Pow Wow in Texas a few Native Americans danced and invited all of us to join the dance of friendship. A old Apache man moved around the circle. Burned sage and blessed everyone who came.

He welcomed us. He began to speak.

“We were the last Americans allowed to dance our Native dances,
we were the last allowed to speak our language in public,
we have not forgotten,
we go on and hope for better days.”

He blessed all of us and his kind eyes show respect for all.
He raise his hands and spoke to the sky.
“Teach us the four winds.
Give us wisdom.
Teach us humility.
Show us clarity.
Allow us to trust our brothers.”

I’m proud of my Ojibwa heritage.  I’m proud of my Mexican/white heritage. The Medicine wheel showed us we are one. We need to work together. Red, black, white and yellow were given gifts.

Old Apache raised his hands to the sky. Then created a full circle. He moved slowly around  the inner circle and looked in all our eyes.

“We are one.
Let’s pray for peace.”

East wind – Yellow people – Path of light – Spiritual – courage.
West wind – Red people – Path of vision – physical -prayer
North wind – White people – Path of quiet – Mental – wisdom
South wind – Black people – Path of peace – natural – trust

This is a view of many years of learning. Every teacher tells the story differently. I believe we are one people. Peace will come when we learn to work together.


Black, White, Red and Yellow are the four corners of the Medicine Wheel. All with important gifts to bring to achieve peace with each other and the planet.