Miss nothing, miss everything.

Miss nothing, miss everything.

We painted our world fiery red once. We try to cheat love and we collided like freight trains unstoppable. We painted our world white once. Allowed secret pain and regret to stop the drive of love.
Making light and dark collide and left us consumed by old scars, lies and sour wine memories. We painted our world black once. Allowing bloody memory to leave us in different places.

The red sun, the blood sun burned on my face in the Iraq sun. I told the sun. The existence of love is leftover dreams for the foolish and the hopeless. In sweet dreams. I saw your face. You whispered darling, love and sweetheart to wanting ears. I see glimpses of soft and tender legs. Your perfect face and beautiful eyes telling me. “Everything looked better in the dark. Love seem alive and real. The enchante night will make us blind and wishful.”

I awake and I told the night. I miss nothing and I miss everything.

War ended. I found you and I told you. I want to die and live in your arms. I’m willing ignite a passion that will consume me till you are tire of me. You laugh and you whispered. “Every kiss can be a knife into the tender heart. Every embrace can make you want more. Every nightly dance will make you want more. Are you willing to love a cold-hearten lady who drink life with a deadly passion? Love is dead for me.  I’m a woman waiting for no-one and the need of body is the only things I can know and feel.”

I told her. The Devil dances at midnight. Few blessing to find in the darkness of the night. Love become dirty with time. You and I are wasted angel and demon. Please allow me to stay and maybe we can find some kind of peace dear lover.

She smiled and she whispered. “Okay Johnnie. No promise are made and no wasted words spoken. You can stay. Take what you need and I shall do the same. Sometimes, just enough is enough.

John Castellenas/Coyote