My Wild Artist Brave

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Ivy Blackwater

Listen to Ivy read My Wild Artist Brave

Poem: My Wild Artist Brave


feel me

through artist eyes

your elixir soothes my weary heart

as a blossom curls

around another

to birth undeniable art


feel me

through soulful hands

my arousal licks fire inside

where wishes play dark

and delectable games

with a spirit lustful and lithe


feel me

through passion’s pen

our testament of emotions true

beyond fools an fakers

blind to the makers

your eyes meet mine and see through


feel me

through ages deep

our celestial connection long-known

embedded and threaded

in words ever wedded

to soul fire of twin dreamers owned


fierce passion pen


drip love into capillary waves

bless artist eyes waiting

a heart never failing

to cherish my wild artist brave


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