The lake song

The Lake song
I told her. I apology sweet Alison. Somewhere in time, the flowing river of love was murdered. I do not blame no-one. I have accepted my place. I have my journals, my pen and the Lake Huron near. Love was never my blessing and  in sweet dreams and wishes. I tasted love and I believe I left more darkness than light.
The blue eyes beauty took my hands and she made me dance with her with the waves of Lake Huron. She whispered to me. We have Port Austin, we have Lake Huron and we have time. Soon, sweet Summer will overtake us and you can write your poetry and story. I will write my music and song. We need to change our garments of Winter to the light clothing of Spring. Forget what was done and create a new canvas where we will be young and foolish once again.
I whispered to her.
“Divine lady,
can’t save someone,
who don’t want to be saved.
Sometimes sleeping heart don’t want to be awaken.
You are the prettiest lady of the lake,
a soldier dream.
You humble me with your kindness.
I have more reason to die than to live.
You need someone seeking the wonders of the world,
Not waiting for death”
She laughed at my words and she brought my face  to her breasts. She whispered. You ain’t dead yet dark Poet, we have today and many more days together. You and I are Gypsies. The Gypsy’s  heart love the lake, they love the sea. They love the long highway and new places to roam. Love is over-rated and we shall find laughter and we shall know happiness. I want someone who will drink coffee with me at 6 am, I want someone who will drink the tequila and howl at the moon with me at 12 midnight. If love come, maybe a blessing? Maybe a prison? Dear dark poet, can ‘t save the world. Sometimes we must save ourselves.
I looked at her eyes and I told her. You are so brave dear Alison. Remember my sweet song bird, can’t tame the sea, can’t control the wind and life is many great storms. I learn. Love can be sweet and friendship is forever. I will be honored to drink coffee with you at 6 am, drink the tequila with you and howl at the midnight moon.
Two people sat on the pier of Port Austin. The big water danced for them. A Ojibwa song whispered to them by Lake Huron. The big water blessed them with the medicine song  of friendship.
“Live long,
be fearless,
go forward,
learn and become wiser.
Life is like a river,
Be like the willow tree,
learn to dance with the great storms.
Be part of life,
a good part of life.”
                        Dancing Coyote