Johnnie singing the blues.

 Johnnie singing the blues
I am living and I am dying, I am moving and grooving to some heavy jazz. Dreaming of your pretty face and wishing to hear your voice. My secret love, I remember you, when the night is lonely, when the night is so damn cold.
Once I was young, now I am old. I wanted everything once and now I need a little bit.
I use to paint pretty pictures and now old Johnnie draws dead-ends and forgotten fairy tales.
Now I sing the blues, the old man blues.
Give me more Spring time, give me more Summer days that last forever.
Make me believe, love is true, love is sweet. Allow me to know the good song and the midnight dance. Please give me pretty woman who love to laugh.
A lifetime of living had taught me. We are not so important, better take and steal the sweetness of life.
Waiting man shall become the crying man. No woman wants a crying and dying man.
Johnnie rolling and moving with the Jazz man. Listening to the song.
At the Stray cat Inn. No time for sadness, no time for crying.
Just us enjoying the song.
                             Dancing Coyote