Thank you for the dance

Thank you for the dance
Once, by the sea.
We confessed love to each other and to the Pacific ocean.
Once, we danced.
Danced for the moon and for the stars above.
Once, we were brave.
We believed we could save our world.
One, two, three, four, to the right.
I do remember.
One, two, three, four to the left
We held so tightly.
Like we knew.
Our dreams would die,
be forgotten.
Now I dance alone and
I did learn what you knew.
Life is in the front of us.
Today we must celebrate the new day,
find something to make us laugh and smile.
I found the Pacific sea again.
I asked the moon,
Do you remember me, the laughing American.
I remember you my Boston gal,
who could drink and sing till the new sun was born.
Who smile and laughter could light-up my heart and dreams.
Around and around we shall go my dear love.
Maybe one day,
old bones and all,’
we can drink the tequila and dance for the sea.
Would be last wish for the laughing American.
                   Dancing Coyote