The value of one life


The value of one life
Men in offices, in Washington D.C.
Screaming out,
kill, fight and murder those son of bitches.
They are the enemy?
Maybe the enemy are with-in the walls.
1.2 trillion spend on war last year.
Fat men and women control our world.
How many must die before we learn.
War is fought for profit, not for the cause of peace.
I stood with soldiers on the Iraq border.
20,000 men and women willing to kill the strangers in a foreign land.
We did what we were told.
Are the tools of death as guilty as the tanks and the planes?
When you teach a child to kill.
What life lesson was learn??
My grandchildren are eleven now.
Damn loco President want to create another war.
Will we learn the lesson of Rome?
Send our youth to die and like Rome.
Go broke in wealth and kill our youth.
I fear I will become the face of my grandmother and
I will watch my grandchildren deploy for war one day.
I will pray and know many tears.
I ask everyone.
What is the value of one life.
                      Dancing Coyote