Across the sea.

Across the sea
The dark Poet sat alone by the sea and he was watched the Georgia Atlantic ocean dance upon the empty 5 am beach.  He loved the early morning and he watched the sun rise from the east. The poet danced alone with the moving waves and he remembered he didn’t dance alone once. He remember a pretty face and the voice of a angel. She blessed his life for a time. The great sea separate them now.
He set-up the river rocks on the sand and put the sage in a small hand crafted Native American tepee. He put the tepee in the center.  He lite the sage and he did a prayer to the Atlantic ocean.
“Deep sea, my dangerous love. Here I stand. Once brave I was and now seeking the energy of hope again.  Life follies and poor decisions had made me blind to the real world. Please kind sea, the morning sun  and the beautiful earth. Teach the foolish man to open his eyes.  See the wonder of life miracles.The miracle of the new day and the miracles of opportunity to do some good. Quit being a burden to my kind earth.
Please Kind nature. Allow my lavender sage to rise to the sky. I pray not for me. I’m okay but my world had gone mad. They are killing children, destroying the great cities and the folly of poor leaders. They have forgotten to protect you the sea, the earth and the sky. Please send wisdom to the leaders in our world. Teach them every life had value and we must protect nature. I need little today and thank you kind sea for allowing me to befriend you. “
The Poet watched the sea for a hour and the sage burn slowly. He saw a ghost near the rolling water. He went to the moving ghost and the ghost and the man. Danced.
He sat alone on the beach and the kind wind whispered to him. Sleeping man awake. Move, think, live and fight for the right. You can die like the cattle walking into the slaughter house or run with the wolves. The wolves cannot be caged and they will never forget freedom.
He rose-up and he whispered. I remember you my kind friend. I love you still and I cannot forget you. He began to dance with the moving waves and he felt the energy of hope. He whispered thank you kind sea, thank you beautiful sun and thank you kind earth for allowing a man to see the real world. Not the world of men.
                       John Castellenas/Coyote