Love behold, love be bold.

Love behold, love be bold


I told Nicole, you awoke my slumbering heart. I love your beautiful face, your womanly curves and the elegant of your words when you speak. I love your tattoos on your soft and tender skin, they make me wish and dream of you. You are not ashamed of the lover touch and the longing of the kiss, the embrace. You adore the labor of love.
I remember her soft whispers, please dance with me by the light of midnight moon near the Lake Gichigana. The Bacchus wine will make us not fear the coldness of the lake and we will dance bare and proud for the moon and the stars.
I remember the splendid view of Lana, Luna and Nicole dancing by a small fire by the light of the Spring  moon, with Lake Superior waves dancing near, create perfect vision for me to see. The three women wearing long Summer dresses moving slow and gentle to the song of the sea. I remember their laughter.
I held Nicole in a bed of cotton sheets and cotton blankets, she told me. Love behold, love be bold. Love shouldn’t be stealing from each other, should be borrowing kisses and deep embrace of fearless lovers, lost in the madness of love. Remember me as a sweet delight, rare pleasure and sweeter than Michigan Fall honey. Our love promises made, we must hold endeared in our hearts, maybe if Lake Gichigana allowed. You shall return one evening and we can create a miracle of a forever love. A miracle for love, where love was always sweet and wonderful.
Her words I hold deeply and every night I pray to the rising moon. I want to walk, hand in hand with the sweetest goddess, my dear Nicole.
                                        Dancing Coyote