A Slug Reborn

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

A Sliver of Life

A distressed Slug one day, prayed aloud to Mother,
you’ve left me less blessed, than my Snail brother.
A lovely shell to show off, a home he takes along,
helping him hide at will, a shelter that’s so strong.

No harm can come to him, the shell keeps all away,
but look at poor naked me, I have to hide all day.
I beg of you oh Mother, please let me have a shell,
then I can crawl at will, and see the world as well.

Mother smiled gently, and spoke with words warm,
you too are equally dear to me, gifted a unique form.
You have a sleek body, to crawl wherever you want,
nooks and crannies of earth, the choicest food haunt.

Your body makes slime so thick, no beak can ever grip,
the foul taste that it has, gives most tongues the slip.
Every child of mine…

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