Blues Sonnet Notes

Wonderful poetry shared.

About the Jez of It

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Structure: Four triplets and a couplet
Rhyme Scheme: AAa BBb CCc DDd ee

Example: Esbat Sonnet by Jez Farmer

My Lady shines between the land and sea,
Her lunar light that shimmers on the sea,
In her fullness I see my destiny.
Her guiding hand to lead the ebb and flow,
Her gentle touch that brings natural flow,
For there is power here within her glow.
O mother bring your guiding silver light,
Sweet divine the circle of lunar light,
And magic sparkles throughout this long night.
A wolfen cry echoes across the dune,
Where rippling waves meet the sandy dune,
All life comes forth on the night of full moon.
In her glory there is nothing to fear,
For a mother’s love is forever near

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