“Secret places and hidden wishes”

Secret places and hidden wishes


I have  been dreaming of you again my beautiful Liz.  I saw your face today and I was driven to madness. I wanted to call you and tell you.  I need you near and  I need to hear your voice. I wrote a 10,000 words of love for you. You shall never read.

I love you, I love you dear Liz, I love you
My dear eloquence lady.
I hide the need of a holy love.
A love that would be merciful and so damn sweet.
I see your face in my sweet dreams.
I awoke with your sweet name on my lips.
I whispered the sinner’s prayer.
Please God, give  me what I should not have.
Allow me to know love topmost peak and perfect ending.
Dear Liz. In the darkness of lonely night.
Do you whisper my name?

Delicious love

She told me. In the darkness. The flowers cannot grow and love cannot live dear Johnnie.
We are just lover’s fasting in desire and want.
Love is not merciful.
We will find perfect place, needed kiss and embrace.
Someone who make us sing and dance till the morning light and show us.
We are their life and their only joy.
Holy and kind love we cannot have.
Johnnie, Poet’s wish is deadly sin and lover’s who must have secret places and hidden wishes
are like the flowers who cannot feel the sun.
We will die wishing for things we cannot have.


Today I escaped. One way ticket to Monterey.  I called liz and I told her. I’m dying and so damn lonely. When you need to escape your life. I will be by the sea.  I will become the Monterey Poet and I will tell the young writers. I knew a beauty once. I tasted the sweetest wine and kiss. I danced with a Angel once and we shared Lake Saint Clair. I will tell them. Fools accept their fate and allowed everlasting love to die and be forgotten. I love you Liz. I have loved you for a 1000 days and nights. I told the Poets at the poetry reading. The Gods always win. Make us feel so damn good. Show us sweetest kiss and place. Then teach us. The irony of life is. We get what we deserve not what we need.

John Castellenas/Coyote