Wild horses. A story.

Wild horses

Wild horses- Introduction

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A writer and a painter discussing life and things.


                                            Wild horses- Introduction
It was a perfect late Spring night in Florence, Italy. The sky was clear and the moon was rising slowly lighting-up the city of Florence. The city was alive and well. The young people were enjoying the warm night, already seeking some strong drink and some entertainment. A old man and a middle age woman sat drinking the Italian wines at a corner Café. The man Johnnie, an USA citizen,  was a self-imposed poet and writer. The woman Brigitte, an German citizen, was a famous painter and an performer.  They loved Florence. They have been meeting here every Spring for 30 years.
Brigitte asked Johnnie. We have return to Florence for 30 years and you never answer my questions?  He smiled and he told her. My dear friend, you have asked a thousand questions. What is the question today? Johnnie was in his late fifties and Brigette was nearly fifty. Brigitte was still a German beauty. Long blond hair and eyes of ocean blue and she was always asking questions to make him speak. Johnnie was still in good health and his hair dark brown still grey less and short.. His face showed his age.
She laughed at his words and she asked him. You rarely talk of God and sometime you speak of God. Like he is a friend. You hold no real belief in anything and your contrary actions have always confused me. He raised his glass of the sweet red wine and he drank the whole glass very quickly. He watched the people wandering the ancient city and he looked at her. He told her.
I have befriended God and he had saved me often. I was the soldier in the foxhole. Dangerous and epic life made me learn. We are not alone. This world is amazing and we cannot control time and we decide our place. Can be a soldier, a savior or a demon? She held silence for a few minutes and she asked. Do you believe with death near. We seek God or does he find us?  He stood-up and waved in hands into a circle and he sat down. He told her. Life is fair. All things will fall into proper place. Like a circle. Old earth moved in a dance of the circle. So do we. I befriended you thirty years ago when I was at my worst. I was trying to drink myself to death and you came to me. I remember you held my hands and you told me. You have a ancient face. The lines already hard and turn to stone. I need to paint your face. I went to your small apartment and you painted my face. I remember we talks little. You were very beautiful and my heart was dead. I lost my first true love and I was cold and seeking silence.
She smiled and she laughed at his words. I remember those days. We laid together in a bed for nine months. We kissed and talked only. You treated me like a goddess. I wanted you and you told me often. Better to love the kiss, the embrace and ensure. Love is sweet, not demanding.
He reached over and he took her hands. He whispered.  I believe God is in everything.  The sun, the moon, the sea and the great mountains. Carved Earth to perfection by a generous God. I look at you, to be a miracle . We never allow sex to destroy how we look at each other. You have the face of a angel, a heart of gold. Your hands can create great paintings that will last forever. You have great gifts. We have good health and you and I. In the city of the great Gods. We are blessed my dear Brigitte.
   Wild horses- part one
Brigitte drank some wine and she asked him. Great words, you have expressed. God have create everything beautiful. Who create all the ugly? Who create the separation? Why does religion create so much hate? Even to great war and death. If God is so wonderful. Why is the world in such a mess?
He held hands tighter and he told her. God is very fair, I believe. If you try to live a good life. Lead with kindness, concern and love. Maybe you can meet this God of mystery. I believe most religions is based on one God. Native Americans, the great spirit. Earth, water and sky. They love nature and believe all life is worthwhile.  The Christians, Muslims, Buddhism and the many other. Hold belief in one god or substance. I believe liars, naysayer and hateful man can twist a kind belief into war and demanding. I do believe bad and hateful people will meet the Devil of a sort. Karma will demand payment. Places like Hell will be overflowing. The new world had no concern for their deeds and actions.
She smiled and she asked again. Is God your savior? You do not go to church and you burn sage for the sick and for the hope of a peaceful world. You rarely speak or write of God in your words. Your stories are filled with myth and tale. You are a free-climber of any mountain near and you love to suicide board the California Winter storms. You love to challenge the mountains and the sea. You are fearless and you do not fear death. Do you believe in heaven or hell?
He brought her hands to his lips. He kissed them both and he asked her. You remember November, 1989. You hated the wall in East Germany. I remember you telling me. There is no God. Half our country being oppressed and abused. No-one cared. I called you and I told you. The wall is coming down. You and I went to Berlin. A million Germans took down a wall of separation. the greatest party ever. No anger, just joyful people standing as one. If men and women could repeat these actions for peace. Our world could be so much better. God gave man free-will. To be use for good or bad. President Clinton send my unit to Africa three times. My unit of gas and water joined forces with medical teams. 90-180 days. We did what we could for the sick and the hungry. I awoke at 3 am and I would cook soft foods like soup and oatmeal. Starvation make the stomach smaller. I would deliver food and water to villages in the evening. I saw in their eyes of the people we helped, thankfulness. They called us angels. I believe men and women can be angels or play the devil. It is our decision.
She drank some wine and she smiled. She told him. I remember when you called me and you told me about the wall. I didn’t believe you and when you showed-up at my door. I knew I was going to see a miracle. These are my best days of my life. I remember the East Berlin people hugging us and kissing us. A million plus people celebrating the taste if freedom. Do you believe this was God’s will or men doing the right things?
He reached over and he caressed her face and he told her. Once we were children. We came from the comfort of a woman’s belly. This is a miracle and I believe in God’s eyes. Women are a blessing and a miracle. Men was given free-will and the world of men. Chaos, crazy and filled with foolishness. Today men of war are leading the world. Killing children, women and the old people. Destroying great cities. These are the deeds of bad people. In East Berlin. This was men and women doing the right things. A million plus souls took apart a wall of hate and separation. We must do the same today. Need a billion people to stand for concern, peace and love. This is our decision dear Brigitte.
She looked sad and she told me. I believe God is disappointed in us. We allow men of war to lead our countries. We allow evil countries to destroy great cities. Women, children and men killed without a whisper of someone complaining. This is my weakness with God. Johnnie, do you believe in God or the Devil?
  Wild horse- part two
Johnnie ordered some more wine. He asked for some Ambrosia wine. The waitress smiled and she told him. Ambrosia wine. Very costly  and delightful. He smiled and he told her. I want the ambrosia wine, tonight is a special occasion. We need the wine of the Gods. She laughed and she told them. Almost made for the Gods. Made in the valley of Italy in the wine country. Mixed with many fruits. A rare and tasty wine sir.
He looked at Brigitte and he asked her. You remember when I came back from Africa. I was messed-up. I saw starvation, dead women and children. My unit had to clean-up a dead city. Some ruthless person poison the water. This memory still haunt my dreams. I saw dead cities in Africa and Asia. Me and God. We did disagree on this subject. I learn later. wasn’t God. It was men will,  to control all things. I learn in some countries. Life is meaningless. I learn free-will was given and for 5000 years, maybe more. The world had been bleeding. You never knew. You saved me Brigitte. When I return to Germany. I went to you.
I remember you waiting for me at the train station. You took me home and you bathe me and you sang to me. You knew. I was beaten and confused. I remember you joined me in the small bath tub. I loved your body. Perfect curves and a man’s dream, your gentle and beautiful face. We made love. After 10 years of friendship and many nights together. We bonded. You never marry and I never try to seek love. After you. No-one could make me know joy and happiness like you.
She smiled and laughed at Johnnie words. she told him. I remember this day. This day became days and nights. I knew we were soul mates many moons ago. I meet you here in Florence yearly, hoping one day. We quit running and we stay together in Germany. He smiled and the ambrosia wine showed-up. After we drink the wine. I will ask you a question. Now I shall answer your question. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I have study religion for 50 years and I accepted my Native American belief. I hold closely. Us and nature are truly one. My Ojibwa blood make me know. We are just a part of earth. Men are like dandelions. Upon the earth for a short time. We will disperse into the wind and be forgotten one day. Better to live a good life. Ensure we enjoy each new day. I cannot answer the question properly. You know I speak in parable. Like a drunken man.
He poured the Ambrosia wine. They touch glasses and he asked her. Can I have a question dear painter? She drank the sweet wine and she smiled. She whispered. Ask away. He asked her. What is important? Love, life or freedom? My final answer to your question is purgatory. Men who believe in nothing and they have done little damage to earth and life. I will join Mark Twain at Purgatory Inn. Play games of chess forever. I will listen to him and I will be waiting for you.
Brigitte looked at the old city. Her and Johnnie had come here for 30 years and each time. Laugh and drank till they fell into the comfort of the hotel bed. She had loved him since the day she saw the sad eyes soldier. She remembered how she took the drink away from him in 1978. She told him. Johnnie, where you been? I have been looking for you. I will take care of you. Nine months, they shared a apartment. She held him like a child and he held her like a savior. He was the American Poet. She painted him yearly. His face had harden with time. Once joyful eyes had turn colder and more lonely. She knew. She was the only one. Who knew his heart and his mind.
She smiled and she told him. I know you love the road, the poetry and the words over real life. I have accepted this. The answer to your question concern love, freedom and life. We will need more Ambrosia wine dear Johnnie.
 Wild horses- chapter three
Johnnie loved looking at Brigitte blue eyes when she spoke. She was a miracle. She held so many talents. She could paint the sea, the faces of people and the ancient places. She made them come alive. A skilled herbalist and performed in many Stuttgard plays. He asked her often. Why do wait for me? I’m a fool. Running from demons I cannot see. She taps his arm and she asked. Were you dreaming of me? He smiled and he told her. Yes I was.
I was remembering how we traveled the USA and I took you to a open range outside of the Texas border. You saw the wild and free horses. You told me. You and I are the wild horses. We need free range and open country. I remember how you swam in Lake Superior. In was late May and the water was very cold. You loved the lakes. You stayed in the Lake Superior water for hours. Almost got frost bite. These are the day I loved. I came to Florence today to tell you something of important.
The second bottle of Ambrosia wine came. She poured the wine into their wine glasses and she told him. I will answer your question first dear Johnnie. Love, life and freedom. Free people must know and never release. I remember when you took me to the open concert in Tubingen. Joan Baez performed and we danced with a thousand people by the small river. We slept in a small sleeping bag and I sang to you till the morning light. You did not complain. I was drunk and I remember you held me so close and you kissed me a  thousand times. I never felt so loved. This is love Johnnie. Life is us. You and I. Been two fools who wasted 30 years apart. What we could of done? You wanted the Hemingway life and you found it. I saw the man who danced with the coyotes and ran with the free horses. Become cold and lonely. Damn war and army bloodied your heart and soul. She drank some wine and she took his hands. She kissed them softly and she whispered. We are soul mates. When you suffer. I suffer my love. Freedom is a dangerous words. You offered me Michigan  a 100 times. Today I regret I didn’t accept the offer. Now I want us to find the free animals and the free horses. For us to be wild horses again dear Johnnie.
He smiled and he took her hands. He kissed each finger and he told her. I hope you accept what I did. I needed to hear your words first. I remember the Joan Baez concert. You stripped to bra and panties. You swam in the river. A amazing memory I hold dearly. I did join you. I could not let Hemingway down. Pretty woman should never swim alone. Me and you caused a hundred young Germans to do the midnight swim. We have become old together. I remember how sweet and beautiful you were. I didn’t want to dirty you with my bloody hands. Today I regret this. Now I wish we made love every nights and day for thirty year. He reached into his pocket and he gave her a small box. She opened the box and a ring with a blue diamond was in it. He asked her. Would you marry a old man? I don’t have much and I would be forever in your debt if you accept. He put the ring on her right hand and Brigitte was crying. He told her. I have the proper paperwork and I can live in Germany with you. I want this. I want us to travel and for you to paint. I want to write. Not of war. I want to write a love story. A love story of two people who are wild horses. Making the world a better place. Two people fearless and loco in mind and heart.
Brigitte went to Johnnie. She sat on his lap and she whispered. I will marry you and I won’t  allow you to escape my view no-more. A promise is a promise. I want us to marry in Florence. Allow the new Gods and old gods to view us. Show the Gods. Love is alive and well.
                                   John Castellenas/Coyote