The Island- chapter eight

The Island- part 8

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A new chapter.


                           The Island- chapter eight
The two woman came to me and they embraced me and Lana told me. While we are gone, the Island wine maker shall keep you company. At the door, a man in his late fifties with dancing eyes stood smiling with a bottle of wine. Lana introduced Jerzy to me. She whispered, the best story teller on the Island. He will love him. I stood-up and he came to me, took my hand and he told me. The ladies need many hours to perfection their perfect beauty. A wise man, never complained. He just wait. I have some Ambrosia wine. We will drink the wine of the Gods and we can talk near Lake Superior. I love the Big Water. I lived in dusty cities and places in Europe. Lake Gichigami, a blessing to this old man. I follow him to some benches near Lake Superior. She was dancing boldly this day, the waves rolling deep into the sand of the small beach. I brought the wine glasses and the wine opener with me.
He smiled and he told me. A wise man, always prepared. We can’t drink wine, unless we open the bottle. I watched his eyes, his eyes were ancient and I saw the hidden sadness in them. He asked me. Are you enjoying Idyllic? Morningstar told me, a special person had arrived. I told him. This land blessed by the Ojibwa and the lakes, a God miracle made.  I am enjoying my time in Idyllic. He smiled and he stood-up. He pointed to where Lake Huron and lake Superior meet. He told me. The land of the lakes, the Ojibwa believe the lake is one. Connecting source of water create a safe haven for the ancient people. I believe, where lake Huron and lake Superior meet. The place is a blessed place. If you listen. You can hear the song of the old ones. The song is wonderful and forever. He opened the wine and he poured the wine into the wine glasses. We touched glasses and he told the sky, thank you for the beautiful day, the warm sun and good company.
We sat down and he touched my face. He told me. You have a old face and you believe, you have seen terrible things. Us, who are living in Idyllic. All of us had lost everything and more. You have begin your journey and you will lose more. You will learn the Hemingway curse and the Salinger quiet. I was found by Luna. I was alone with a plastic bag on my head, praying for death and she took off the bag. She kissed me a thousand times and she wouldn’t allow me to die. She embraced me into the midnight hours on the floor of my room. I told her that day. I was so tire, so damn tire. My dreams are nightmares and I am seeking quiet death. She told me, dear epic writer, blessed man, we need you alive. You saw the worst in men and we need you to teach us. We can be kind, we can be brave and we can be saved. I followed her and she took me to the Island. I have been here almost fifty years. I write still and I became Salinger. My new writing, hidden away to be never read.
I asked him. Why do we hide our words? Are we destine to welcome death? He smiled and he whispered. I don’t welcome death no more. My life was difficult and I learn. I wasn’t alone. Lily lost her daughters to Rome, her people to war and she had saved thousands Ojibwa people and the wanderers, like you. I know she carried her sadness deep in her heart. I heard her cry to the full Spring moon. I go to her and we cry together. Once I had a large family, in World War two. They hid their Jewish son in Poland and I never saw anyone from my family again. Killed by hate. I roamed Europe as a child and I became a ghost. I wasn’t ever right, how could I be? I loved the USA. I fell into her arms and my words saved me for many years. The Jewish boy found reason and purpose, but he could not forget the dead. Here at Idyllic, I found like-people who swam in death and we became healers. I believe Johnnie, healing is the way the heart-broken people can heal.
I had great respect for this man. I told him. I read the books of Jerzy Kosinski, every book he written. He was a genius, he learned English in eight months, he went to the best University and his books. An American legend. Jerzy tapped my back and he laughed. He told me. Best honor for a writer, to be read, to be remembered. Today I will answer two questions for you. Only two. I do my best to forget the past. Nicole tells me daily, life is today, tomorrow. The past, just education to make us appreciate the good days.
I looked at his face. A face of a man who lived a thousand lives. I asked him. Are men destine to kill everything that is good? Is war, the balance of men? He looked at Lake Superior and he told me. I believe men hearts, are never content. Always wanting more and more. Men run the world. All through time, we allowed greedy men to run our world. The men who love pride, envy, anger, sloth,greed, gluttony, and lust.  Look at the history of men. the good men are murdered, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.
I asked him. Is men soul, so black. He will not be content till everything beautiful is gone? He told me. When I was young. So many people tried to save me. A Polish family shaved my heard daily to hide my black hair. They hid me and they fed me. I worked their farm and one evening. I watched them murdered for helping the Jews. I tried to return their kindness, by being a good man. You have demons and I have demons. I believe we can’t change our world, the Devils are controlling the world. All we can do, is be kind, save who we can and if we are lucky. Found a place to rest and know peace. I was lucky dear Luna saved me. I pray to the moon daily. Please dear moon, make the leaders learn. Every life had value, war is not the road to peace and the children. They are the future. We must teach them well. I embraced him and I thanked him for the words. I asked him. I bury two brothers, one year apart. My heart became dead. The kindness of Nicole, Lana and Luna showed me. There is more than me. Jerzy, can we forget the sadness or do we learn to live with?
He whispered. I told you two question but I will answer this one. Nicole is correct. Love is a blessing, love make our heart grow and when the heart is alive. The possibility of heartache is near. We are taught by our parent, our grandparent and our mentors. To do the right things. We love them and one day. Death will take them from us.  Break our hearts. I lost everything before my tenth birthday, took a thousand days of healing for me to know. I had to find new country, new family and I held the misery of war. Death isn’t the answer my new friend.  Morningstar whispered to me. A up and coming poet need the great wisdom of the wine maker. I told him, thank you Jerzy and we heard the voices of the three women. Lana, Nicole and Isabella were walking toward us. They wore the Summer dresses and they were blessings for our eyes to see. Jerzy looked at me and he whispered. I told you there are miracles. You are I are seeing a miracle my friend.
                             Dancing Coyote