Don’t give up.

  Don’t give-up
I changed face, I changed cities and played the jester well.
I believed the stories in the wind, I believed in the voices of the traitors who forsaken my generation.
I fought ghost for cold-hearten government who cannot be forgiven. In hell, men, who killed for profit shall pay.
I remember holding my 30-30 and feeling empty. The phone rung and dear Grandmother Beulah told me. We need and love you my baby. Please don’t give-up.
I was saved often and I tried to save people who felt empty and alone.
Once I wanted to be the king of the forest. I toil and toil for big companies, made ungraceful men rich and forgot. I needed the mercy of love near.
I told the young, you must ask yourself. How will you die? Did you die standing for love, for kindness, were you kind to nature and the people near.
Careless wings, we do have.
One day we share the parting glass. Stand before our god and be asked. Did you do the best you could?
I have outlived the many I have known and I have learn.
Don’t give-up.
All of us have reasons to be upon the earth, maybe caretakers of others, maybe mentors to the children, maybe we are here to dance upon kind earth for a time.
Just, do our best.
Today I know. Talk less, listen more. Dance and sing more, work less. Tell the people you loved. You love them every chance you get. Our mentors will leave us and we must fill the shoes of great people.
Life should be simple. Listen, talk less and pay attention to the people near. If someone is falling fast and they can’t get-up.
We must help them-up and tell them. Please don’t give-up. I need you my friend, alive and well.