pratfall into the dust

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.


in this cabaret of dreams, we’re all performers
except i’m not made to perform
and the limelight is on me

my mind is playing Twister on me
labyrinthine thoughts and rumination
spinning like a carousel
tangled within the webs of what to do
they say obsessions are what we do
when we don’t want to think of something else

plunge me to the depths of your mind
jump into things i don’t understand
for reasons i should know better
take me where the wind won’t blow
where the sun won’t shine
and where the rain won’t fall
we sing the same song and speak the same tongue
but as it is
home is a long way from here

inveigled myself into the abyss of eternal damnation
because i sure as hell don’t know what i’m doing
decisions are easy to make
but the aftershock leaves me crippled,
entrapped in my…

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