Pray for peace, dance for peace, sing for peace.

If we are silence, against hate and war. We accepted the hateful world.


If we allow the wars to be fought and we believe war is far away. One day, the wars shall find your doorstep.


We send our young men and women to fight the old men wars.  I wish we would send the old men to fight. If we did. War would end. Once a wise man told us. “A eye for  eye world, will leave us blind.” Maybe we are blind already?


It is 2020 and the world had fallen backward. Just like the past. Rumors, threats and ugly words, our leaders share. Where are the peacemakers?


I burn sage for peace, for healing and I pray we learn. Every life had value. I want the children of our world to believe war and hate was myth and tale. Allow the children to dance, sing and wander our world without boundaries. Knowing no fear. Never knowing they are hated or disliked because of their skin color, their belief and where they were born.




Dancing Coyote