I gave my love to you, my sweet Beatrice…

(I found some old letters from dear Beatrice. I found some old poetry. I hope you like)


I gave my love to you,  my sweet Beatrice


Was Monterey, was the sea near. It was the whiskey and sweet wine we drank dear Beatrice. We conspired to find new cities and hidden valleys. We roamed California highway one for three months and today I dream of Big Sur and my Italian beauty dancing with the wild Pacific sea.




Dear temptress,


my exquisite beauty of sweetness and mystery.
You will be my first wish and last wish.
The essence of your untamed heart and mind made me a fellow vagabond.


I wanted to travel with you and you taught me to arrive at the places of lights and possibilities. With no fear. You made me love the darkness and adore the light.
You made my submerged heart in misery come alive and we. We danced in the midnight hours in San Francisco and slow-danced  with the beautiful Pacific sea at dawn.


The trickery of life made us fall together. Two strangers seeking the taste of love, the journey and to find the paragon of perfect place to rest.


Beatrice smiles and laughs. She whispered. “Dear Johnnie. Dante’s yearn for things he could not hold or love. A sad wish for a poor man. I don’t want to be a Dante’s love. I arrived into your life and we sang and danced to the song of cities and the sea. When I depart. I want joyful memory and a million words of poetry for me.”


I kissed my Beatrice and I told her. I gave my love to you, my dear Beatrice. You taught me a tamed heart is a lonely heart. I have re-learn to love the highway and I embrace the sea with more concern. You shall be a prelude to a wonderful life. I held a kind woman once. Not demanding forever, just celebrating life and today. You are my perfect memory.


Two lovers sat near the Monterey Bay. Finding safety and peace with the sea and love near.
John Castellenas/Coyote