My dear Beatrice…

My dear Beatrice


She told me. “Johnnie become like the dancing waves. Wild and free. Allow the Monterey nights to make us know the freedom and  the laughter. Enter into the mediation of the sea and listen to her stories whispered to us by the many lovers who sang the praise of love and celebrated the embrace of another. Johnnie if we listen, we can enter the dance of forever. Where lovers leave their scent of love for the sea to embrace”


Dear Beatrice, she  danced for me in the Winter storms of 1992. She moved with dancing waves and I saw her beautiful smile and perfect body  moving with perfection and contentment.. I went to her and she whispered into my wanting ear. “Bare your true self and forget the sadness. We must forgive and seek forgiveness. We must return back to the essence of youth where we fear nothing or no-one. Let’s, me and you dance with the Pacific and allow the coldness of the Winter’s cold to awake us. Make our hearts come alive and leave the empty excuses in the sand.”


I wrapped my arms around her and she kissed my face and lips. She whispered. ” Listen to the waves. So much disappointment and so much joy to be found. Let’s us create a story that will make the Gods jealous and the sea sing the song of two lovers who found love and peace for a moment.

John Castellenas/Coyote