My father’s song



My father’s song

(My father passed Jack Isaacs on 29 January. Was 93 years old and he was tough as nails.)



Greatest man I ever known. He told me often. “Life isn’t easy and we we must be stronger than what life give us. Better to be piss and vinegar than lay down and give-up. Don’t wait for death, do something to make our world better. My father was a Paratrooper in World war two, never said a word about his time in the hellish time of war. He was kind to all people near, never a negative word to the family.  He had a wide open door for the family. He would allow you in, to heal and he never demanded payment. He wanted his family knowing. You were never alone. In heaven, I know he had his guitar, his bible and he is surrounded by his family. He was my teacher, my friend and my mentor. I will miss his kind voice and generous smile.






True wealth is love near.

Great life is having enough.

Great men lead with

concern, kindness and love.

Better to be the kind voice,

the place of safety.

In the end,

the greatest riches are,

is knowing love,

knowing you did your best.



John Castellenas