Traveling and rambling man…

Traveling and rambling man.





A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just my words.


    Traveling and rambling man

Old Johnnie sat alone in the tavern in the city of Austin, Texas. Drinking Long Islands ice teas and accepted his time and place. He knew, you decide your beginning and ending. Life give directions but your decision to follow the organized road or take the back road to the unknown.  Young Texas man  with anger in his face sat next to Johnnie. He ordered a double of Jack Daniel and a draft beer. He looked at Johnnie and asked. “Why is life so shitty? Why do things fall apart? Why do I land here instead of the right places? Is life worth living?

Old Johnnie smiled and said nothing for a few second. He wandered back eight years. He remember volunteering for war and leaving everything that was precious behind. He saw the anger that made him try to forget the past and try to find a better end in the eyes of the kid. He told the bartender.  Give me another Long Island and the same for my new friend. He looked at the sad and angry face and told him. I have a story. If you have a minute and I can buy a few rounds. Maybe I can show you the way not to journey. The young Texas man said okay. Old Johnnie knew. Wasn’t for the advice. It was for the whiskey.

He drank the the old Long Island ice tea down and told the man. “I was a traveling and rambling man who left everything in the dust. I followed the back roads, wanted the sea and the pretty poets near.  Death made me leave places of success and safe ground. I joined a war to find a good death and reasons to be alive. I wanted wild times and people not locked into self-made prisons. War made me love life. Dead bodies make you realize,  dead mean you are done and finished. I got lucky. I crossed the USA four times and I saw 40 countries. I did and do love the highways. Today I sit with you. Please tell me why? You are pissed off and disappointed.

He looked at the whiskey and he told me. “My wife and me had fell apart. All we do is fight and I know she will leave me soon. I don’t know what I can do to keep her with me and content?

Johnnie ordered a double of Jack Daniel and he told the man. “I got lucky often. I have found the sea, I was allowed to travel the world and the USA. I had kind women who allowed me in. Women decide love or hell? If a woman allowed you in and give her complete self to you. You had received the ultimate gift that can be received.
A wise man cherish the woman and make her content. I had my Jenny. Auburn hair and hazel eyes. A young man dream with long legs, sweet voice and perfect angelic face. I lost and found her three times. Some woman want to know safety and some woman are like me. Want the long ride and laughter without being nailed down in one place too long. Son, women are crazy and so are we. We waste good love, good time and say too much. I can give you some advice. Shut-up if all you have is negative words. Dig deep and find what made this lady love you and treat her like it is your first date, every day. Make her feel is is your one and only. If you don’t. You be the old man giving advice to young men. Sitting alone”

The young Texas man looked less sad and asked. “Can you repair bad words and actions done?’

Old Johnnie smiled and told him. “You can’t make the bad words and actions be forgotten, but you can cover them up with better days and new memories and words. Go home. Buy her her favorites things and lay at her feet and apology. Learn the old man wisdom. Nothing good to say, say nothing. Every word and action we will accounted for. Real love is rare. If a woman loved you and you love her. Best hold her close and tight. No sweeter gift than the love of a woman.”

The young man tossed a $100 bill on the bar counter and shook my hand. He told me “Thank you sir. I’m going home and I will beg for forgiveness.” He looked at me with serious eyes and asked. “Did you follow you own advice?”

I slapped his back and told him. “I never got lucky. My Jenny was like me. Wanted travel, the sea and the taste of love. I never found the woman who wanted me forever. Traveling and rambling folks fall together, only for a short time and are never content. Go home. Today you see, a shitty life I have accepted. I hope your life can be better. 50 years with a lady, no sweeter life.’

Coyote/John Castellenas